The wine cellar PLATINUM
The wine cellar PLATINUM

€44,000.00 HT €41,800.00 HT

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30,260.00 €


La Cave Patrimoniale Sàrl:


Accessible,efficient and discreet,an investment on La Cave Patrimoniale Sàrl offers you the opportunity to by Bordeaux,Burgundy or Foreign fine and rare wines in a simple way.We offer you the opportunity to by one of the cellars already made by us (Silver,Gold,Platinum) or provide your personally selecting among the 450 references proposed in the cellar "Selections",the cellar "Foreign wines".The wine is not only a passion ! Indeed,it may offer unique opportunities.We bring you a solution to diversify your assets and make you enjoy excellent returns.


La Cave Patrimoniale Sàrl offers:


      - Purchase EXCLUDING VAT..

      - The option to pay in Euros or Swiss Francs.

      - An effective diversification.

      - A full management.

      - A full availability.

      - A guarantee total discretion.

      - A free cellar management.

      - Conservation of your wines in ideal conditions of temperature, humidity and ventilation.


We follow you in the constitution of your cellar,the conservation and the management.

Member of Liv-Ex we also take care if you wish, to sell your wine for the best price.









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